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The MERE Tourniquets and Splints section offers a comprehensive array of devices aimed at managing limb injuries effectively. Tourniquets are crucial tools for controlling severe bleeding from extremity wounds, while splints provide support and immobilisation for fractured or injured limbs.

In the Tourniquets category, you’ll find various types of tourniquets designed for different applications and preferences. These may include windlass tourniquets, pneumatic tourniquets, or strap tourniquets. Windlass tourniquets utilise a twisting mechanism to apply pressure to the limb, effectively stopping arterial blood flow in emergency situations. Pneumatic tourniquets use air pressure to achieve the same effect, while strap tourniquets employ adjustable straps for compression.

The Splints category encompasses a range of devices aimed at stabilising injured limbs and reducing further damage. This may include rigid splints made of materials like aluminum or plastic, as well as flexible splints that can be shaped to fit the contours of the limb. Splints help prevent movement of the injured area, reducing pain and the risk of exacerbating injuries such as fractures or sprains.

By offering a diverse selection of tourniquets and splints, the MERE Tourniquets and Splints section ensures that medical professionals and first responders have access to the appropriate tools to manage limb injuries effectively. Whether dealing with severe bleeding or fractures, these devices play a crucial role in stabilising patients and preventing further harm until they can receive definitive medical care.



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