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The MERE Pet and Working Dog First Aid Kits cater to the diverse needs of pet owners & dog handlers, offering a comprehensive range of essentials to address various emergencies and health concerns. From beloved household pets to hardworking dogs, these kits are designed to provide lifesaving assistance in critical situations. They encompass a wide array of supplies, ensuring readiness for different scenarios.

Inclusive of tools to handle ticks, manage stressed animals, and address unexpected bleeds, these kits prioritise versatility and effectiveness. Owners can confidently navigate common pet health issues, whether it’s administering tick removal or providing immediate care for injuries. The kits empower owners to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies, potentially saving their pet’s life.

The MERE Pet and Working Dog First Aid Kits serve as a vital resource for pet owners, instilling confidence and preparedness in handling unforeseen situations. With a comprehensive assortment of supplies, from stress-relief aids to wound care essentials, these kits offer peace of mind and practical support for pet owners across diverse settings and circumstances.



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