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Supporting Search & Rescue teams to delivery exceptional patient care through specialised medical kits

Life-saving equipment for SAR operations including Mountain Rescue, HM Coastguard or Lowland Rescue and HART.

With over a decade of experience working along side Search & Rescue teams, our specialist Paramedics have created a complete range of first aid kits designed for search and rescue operations. We know SAR teams often work in challenging and remote environments where access to medical facilities may be limited. As a result, our SAR medical kits are equipped to handle the range of injuries and medical emergencies encountered.

Reasons we're trusted by Search & Rescue teams

We proudly support Search & Rescue professionals to provide exceptional patient care through the right medical kits and equipment. Quality first aid can only work alongside world-leading kit that is truly designed to save a life – in the toughest environments. That’s exactly why MERE partners with SAR teams across the globe.

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