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IFAK Refill kit – Immediate Action Medic

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Introducing our Immediate Action Medic. A specialised medical kit designed to provide immediate and essential medical care in emergency situations. It is specifically tailored for immediate action medics and is often carried by international medics, close protection officers, and Security staff.

Our Immediate Action Medic is equipped with the most-trusted brands in the world and helping to keep you prepared for the unexpected emergency.

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The IFAK Refill kit – Immediate Action Medic primed for deployment in high-stakes environments, such as combat zones, disaster areas, or remote and perilous locations, these kits epitomise resilience and efficacy in the face of adversity. IFAK Refill kit – Immediate Action Medic encompass a comprehensive array of essential medical resources essential for on-the-spot intervention. From trauma dressings to Tourniquet devices, the contents of the IFAK Refill Kit are judiciously selected to ensure versatility and efficacy in managing diverse medical exigencies.

The compact and portable nature of these kits facilitates ease of carriage by immediate action medics or first responders, enabling swift accessibility to crucial medical provisions when every second counts. Whether stabilising casualties in the aftermath of a natural disaster or administering aid amidst the chaos of a battlefield, the IFAK Refill Kit stands as an unwavering bastion of support for those on the front lines of emergency response.

Moreover, the meticulous curation of supplies within the kit reflects a synthesis of medical expertise and real-world exigencies, ensuring that responders are equipped to navigate the challenges inherent in their line of duty. In essence, the IFAK Refill Kit embodies a paradigm of preparedness, fortifying the capabilities of immediate action medics and first responders to confront the unforeseen with unwavering resolve and proficiency.

What’s included?

  • Loksak Pouch
  • CAT Tourniquet
  • CELOX Rapid Gauze
  • Trauma Shears
  • Foil Blanket (Civilian)
  • CELOX Vented Chest Seal
  • Gloves
  • Emergency Bandage 6″

Behind the Brand

Tested to the highest standards, each kit is made to thrive in the worlds toughest environments. From the blistering heat of the Outback to never-ending challenges of the rainforest; you can trust in MERE Supplies.  #TeamMERE hand-pick each item based on the most trusted medical research – ensuring you get only the very best equipment in your in your kit
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