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The Scout First Aid Pouch

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Introducing our Scout First Aid Pouch. Compact and portable specifically tailored for use by scouts during camping trips, outdoor adventures, or scouting activities. These kits are designed to provide immediate medical assistance for common injuries and ailments that scouts may encounter in remote or wilderness settings.

Our Scout First Aid Pouch is equipped with the most-trusted brands in the world and helping to keep you prepared for the unexpected emergency.

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A Scout First Aid Pouch is a specially designed medical kit intended for use by members of the scouting community, such as scouts, leaders, or volunteers. These kits are tailored to meet the unique needs and activities of scouting, which often involve outdoor adventures and activities. A scout first aid kit typically includes a range of medical supplies and equipment to address common injuries and illnesses that may occur during camping, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.

What’s included?

  • Loksak Wallet
  • Gloves
  • First Aid Guidance Leaflet
  • Waterproof Plasters X20
  • Wound Cleansing Wipes X10
  • Triangular Bandage
  • Conforming Bandage
  • Foil Blanket (Civilian)
  • BurnSoothe Sachets x2
  • Eye wash Pod
Tested to the highest standards, each kit is made to thrive in the worlds toughest environments. From the blistering heat of the Outback to never-ending challenges of the rainforest; you can trust in MERE Supplies.  #TeamMERE hand-pick each item based on the most trusted medical research – ensuring you get only the very best equipment in your in your kit
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