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The Advanced Wound Care Kit

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Created for those working in remote areas that have minimal resources available to them. This Medic Pack has advanced components allowing you to provide wound care in places previously never thought possible.


  • Waterproof
  • Sterile Products
  • Wound Cleansing Products
  • Built for Remote Medics
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Built for Remote Wound Care

The Advanced Wound Care Kit has been made to allow you to provide advance wound care on the go. Packed into a waterproof Loksak bag, this kit is perfect for those working in remote environments. 

Different, how?

Created by Paramedics & Health Care Professionals with over 20 years experience treating sick and injured people in both hospital and remote environments. This Kit weighs under 500g and allows you to treat wounds in places perviously not thought possible – bring the hospital to your Patient


Designed by people who have been there, seen it, and got the T-Shirt.

Liquiband Glue

Liquiband glue is a skin safe glue used to reunite minor skin tears for when a plaster just won't do.

Scalpe blade

The Advanced wound Care Kit contains "Advanced" wound care items such as Scalpel blades allowing maximum flexibility in your treatment options.

Artery Foreceps

Used for a variety of surgical and wound care procedures these are a must have in any wound care kit due to the flexibility of uses.


The Advanced Wound Care Kit also contains items such as Sodium Chloride. These small light weight pods are used to clean wounds to help fight against bacteria and infection.

Why Choose MERE

Simple And Sleek

Modern design, eco conscious packaging and manufacturing.

Life Saving

Built from experience, containing components that can save a life.

Designed By UK Medical Professionals

20+ years working in the health care sector.

Support Those That Support You

We work with frontline service personnel to ensure our kit makes a difference.

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